i had a mental breakdown last night and started showing my friends pictures and gifs of sjin and sips and screaming about how cute they are


my friend eva is gonna lend me bioshock god bless that girl i love her so

i got the case but not the actual game gdi eva

(by Tyler Forest-Hauser)

guess who’s playing bioshock tonight


yogsquest doodles ive been doing to practice drawing the goons~

(i got two suggestions about drawing Deborah being a horrid pilot so thats what the bottom one is, but the top one is my favorite 8D)



It’s presents galore

Vlog coming soon about all the amazing things they sent us - OH MY GOD GUYS, I think I need to go buy more cat plushies.


Hat Films Hat Chat and EGX Update vlog + Bonus Sips




RIP Mike Brown. His momma said she didn’t want anymore pics of him laying dead on the street so she shared pics of him as she knew him. This is one…

And I swear if it’s the last thing I do on this bloody website we are gunna make sure this doesn’t get forgotten. If we can’t get justice we’ll get change. The event in ferguson show that things have to fucking change

What, some screaming Republican is going to pop a blood vessel and yell “WELL HE STILL ISN’T AN ANGEL”.

No, he’s human. He was an innocent black teenager that was shot by a racist white cop.

i’d like to thank not only god but jesus

my friend eva is gonna lend me bioshock god bless that girl i love her so


pretty sure i failed a college algebra test today

however i passed my drivers test with flying colors so that sort of makes up for it

by 2:30 i’ll hopefully be a licensed driver

kingdom hearts 2.5 final trailer

you know what amazes me

kohls always forgets to take those little hard plastic tags from the clothes i buy

excusemejesus replied to your post “guess who got another cavity in other news i bought some really cute…”

I’m sorry but also CONGRATS ON THE PANTS

thank you i’m very proud